Service - アドバンストビジネスサービス株式会社


In order to contribute to progress in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), we are committed to acting from the customer’s point of view and working with sincerity. We would like to grow with our customers through the three solutions we provide: IT solutions, web solutions, and business solutions.

IT Solutions

This service is based on the development, construction, and operation of infrastructure systems and networks, the infrastructure of the information society.
We strive to build systems that make effective use of our customers’ information assets, and support services covering the entire life cycle from consulting to development, operation, and maintenance for core systems and information systems in various industries and businesses.
In addition, we propose business improvements based on the fact-finding survey of system operation based on ITIL operation guidelines.

Web Solutions

This service will help you with your business strategy on the Internet.
We provide total support for marketing, creativity, and solution development/operation that meet each customer’s needs and provide optimal web solutions. Our professional staff will produce everything from consulting to planning and system design/construction, so we can convey the information that our customers are looking for in an accurate manner.

Business Solutions

This service provides human resources with skills that can be used immediately, improvements to the quality of your services, and will allow you to concentrate on your core business. In addition, you can request education and training. We will provide business outsourcing services (BPO)/IT engineer education in the form of solutions. We aim to make the selected engineer an irreplaceable partner for our customers.