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It is important to be creative, easy to understand while achieving a unique impression that remains in the user’s mind.
In addition to system development and operation, we also produce unique and innovative creatives such as “website design,” “mobile user interface,” “CI,” and “characters.”



Website Design

It is important to have a color scheme that is easy for visitors to follow and a user interface that allows them to intuitively understand the category they want to see. We will make your website more attractive with a design and interface that considers not only the beauty of the appearance but also the usability of the user.

Price List
Plan Name Fee (approximate) Details
Whole Recommendation Pack
From 100,000 yen

design + coding

Top Page, Business Introduction, Company Profile (1 page), News (What’s New), Access, Recruitment Information

Whole Recommendation Pack
From 300,000 yen

Design + coding + form program

Top Page, Company Profile (3 pages), News (What’s New), Access, Recruitment Information, Inquiry Form

Whole Recommendation Pack
From 500,000 yen

Consulting design + coding + management system based on competitive comparisons

Top Page, Business Introduction, Company Profile, News (What’s New), Access, Recruitment Information, Inquiry Form, CMS (WordPress) Built-In

Mobile UI

Many mobile apps have appeared due to the proliferation of smartphones. When potential customers access the “App Store” for iPhone or “Google Play” for Android, they will be met with the icons and screenshots on the application description page. As a result, icons and splash screenshots are instrumental in increasing downloads. We will propose icons and user interfaces that stimulate users’ interest based on our achievements.



Logo and Character Design

Logos and mascots for companies and services are effective in increasing the customer’s sense of affinity with the company. By establishing these logos and images, the reliability of the company itself and the service will be greatly increased. As the first step in building a company’s brand image, we propose a company logo and mascot.